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Yes I would like to ride the Race Across America (RAAM) but it is well beyond my means – the cost is just too prohibitive.

I do believe that my true forte is multiple day riding, as this is what I was doing prior to my illness and actually on my round the world trip. So I will look to do these kind of events, but will maybe have to do them as an un-official competitor, because I cannot justify spending large amounts while my wife supports me and our child.

My target is to compete in next years Trans America Bike Race, because this is a Solo, self supported race of 4,400 miles (7,080 km’s) and more importantly, it is free from all the silly fees the RAAM charge and I might be able to raise enough sponsorship to get out there. More about this soon…

But first, I’m thinking a really good performance over 1,100 km’s will show (potential) supporters (and hopefully sponsors) that I’m a serious endurance cyclist.